The MRR combines the battle proven Colt Canada C8 Carbine core with the M-LOK™ Rail Attachment System.

The MRR Upper Receiver has a monolithic top rail with side and bottom rail positions now implementing the Magpul M-LOK™ modular locking accessory mounting system.  The sturdy monolithic upper receiver provides ample rail space for various optics and is fitted with a Colt Canada free floatingcold hammer forged,  chrome lined barrel which increases barrel service life significantly when compared to non-chrome lined barrels of similar firearms.

The implementation of the M-LOK™ system allows the operator to add only the rails or accessories required for the given mission, thus reducing the weight burden on the operator.  This system has reduced weapon weights by up to half a pound with the weight savings  predominantly in the forestock area of the weapon.  This improves the weapon’s maneuverability and overall weight distribution.


Model TypeBarrel LengthUpper Receiver Length
.300 Blackout8.5" [21.6cm]SC - Sub-Compact [3 SLOTS/ 13.6"/ 34.5 cm]
5.56 x 45mm11.6" [29.5 cm]
14.5" [36.8 cm]S - Small [5 SLOTS / 16.7" / 42.4 cm]
15.7" [39.9 cm]M - Medium [7 SLOTS / 19.8" / 50.2 cm]
18.6" [47.2 cm]


* Some of the above Colt Canada MRR configurations are currently under development by our (PSE) Product Support Engineering department and are not yet available for sale.

** Some of the images shown here may not necessarily represent the configurable options available at the present time.

*** Colours other than black are available under quantity contract orders.