Over the 40 years since this company’s inception as Diemaco, Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Small Arms, Colt Canada has established itself as a world class manufacturer.  Our products have been battle tested and proven through jungle mud, arctic snow and ice, desert sands and extreme battlefield conditions. The reliability of these Canadian born rifles, carbines, machine-guns and grenade launchers are second to none.

At Colt Canada, we listen to our customers because they make up some of the most elite units and police services in the world. Our dedication to evaluating emerging technologies and incorporating real-world feedback ensures that our products continue to improve and advance the operational capabilities of the user.  Our military customers gather bi-annually to share information about the weapon systems. Here we are able to discuss new design ideas, developments and requirements face to face.

Colt Canada’s continued success in providing clients with leading edge products, services and systems is made possible through the outstanding skills and capabilities of the men and women who are Colt Canada. Our employees understand and accept the profound responsibility of delivering critically important products and services to military and law enforcement clients. They take pride in making that responsibility an integral part of everything they do.