In 1976 the government of Canada contracted with Diemaco Inc. in Kitchener, Ontario to support their existing fleet of small arms (eg. FN FAL rifles, Sterling Sub-Machine guns) with 3rd and 4th Line repair and overhaul. 

Six years later the Department of National Defence would award the SARP (Small Arms Replacement Program)  contract to Diemaco for the supply of C7 rifles and C8 carbines under license from Colt Defense LLC.  Several years following the SARP award, Diemaco would be awarded contracts with the governments of the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Norway. Further successes and contracts awards resulted in the supply of Grenade Launchers, Machine Gun mounts and new business opportunities with the Canadian Law Enforcement community for  various weapon platforms,  based on the C7/C8 family design. In 2005, Diemaco was acquired by Colt’s Manufacturing LLC and our company name changed to Colt Canada.  Under new ownership Colt Canada has further expanded and diversified it’s products throughout our customer fleets.

In continuing with its formula for success, Colt Canada has more recently been awarded the Canadian Ranger Rifle program for .308 WIN rifle to replace the aging .303 Lee Enfield rifle.  In 2017 Colt Canada  was awarded the C6A1 GPMG (General Purpose Machine-Gun) program for the Canadian Department of Defence (DND) which will be the first Machine-Gun built in Canada since the second world war.

Colt Canada is proud of our ability to provide top quality products to our military, security and law enforcement customers domestically and internationally. Our employees are our strength and are committed to total customer satisfaction.

Product Support Engineering & Capabilities

Colt Canada has established an outstanding reputation for its particular ability to develop and implement product solutions customized to suit specific user requirements. New challenges presented by our clients spur our ongoing product development and improvement. The design team is continually reaching new heights in conceptual design, product definition, rapid prototyping, materials, manufacturing methods, and verification testing.

Colt Canada’s Product Support Engineering [PSE] retains a multitude of capabilities within in our own facility.  We keep up to date with the newest technologies for various types of research tasks, data collection and development projects.  From prototype creation, weapon testing and ballistics data to weapons incident investigations Colt Canada’s PSE Department can help you.


 .50cal sniper rifle slow motion video capture

PSE Capabilities at a glance:

  • CAD Design
  • 3D Printing – Rapid Prototyping
  • 30 and 50M Indoor Instrumented Ranges – 100 to
      300M Outdoor Range Available
  • Configurable Weapon Firing Mounts – Standard, Elevated,
      Depressed and Inverted
  • .50 Cal Indoor Traps
  • High Speed Video and Macro Photography
  • Velocity Data Collection
  • Soft Bullet Capture
  • Extreme Temperature and Climatic Chambers
  • Thermography – FLIR Video
  • Motion Tracking and Analysis
  • Event Reconstruction
  • Motion, Shock and Durability Testing
  • Mud, sand, salt and fog Testing
  •    …and much more

Assembly Repair & Overhaul

As the 3rd and 4th line service centre for the Canadian Armed Forces, Colt Canada has established a world class repair facility that is experienced in the repair of not only the small arms that we manufacture, but also the repair of over 30 other pieces of equipment from weapons to mounts, for customers world-wide.


  • Official Canadian Forces 3rd & 4th Line Repair Facility
  • Weapon Systems Upgrades (eg. CF C7A2 Rifle, C8A3 Carbine, C9A2 LMG and C6A1 GPMG Midlife Upgrade)
  • Training Equipment (eg. Cutaway Training Aids)
  • Current Fleet Repair and Upgrades (eg. repair direct from OEM)


Please contact us to find out if our services can assist you with your fleet.


M2HB .50 Calibre Cutaway Training Aids

Courses, Course-ware & Training Aids

Instruction is available at our facility or a location of your choice. Top quality course-ware and training aids from animation to cutaway weapons will be utilized and also can be made to specification.

Maintenance processes are under constant review and product innovations are tested on a regular basis. This information is shared with existing clients on a regular basis.

Colt Canada’s ongoing support extends from the design phase through the life cycle of the weapon system from:

Spares Programs

From initial provisioning to ongoing supply, top quality components are always available.

Technical Service Bulletins

Maintenance processes are under constant review and product innovations are tested on a regular basis. This information is shared with existing clients on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance

  • It is the policy of Colt Canada to provide a high quality, reliable product that meets customer requirements and exceeds expectations. The Company will also provide ongoing engineering support and training to ensure total customer satisfaction.


  • The President, Management team and all Staff are responsible for the quality of products and services, while striving to seek improvements that continue the success and growth of the business.

Technical Publications

Electronic SMART Publications

Training Poster

For over 40 years, Colt Canada (formerly Diemaco) has been writing Technical Orders for the Canadian Armed Forces Director Soldier Systems Program Management to cover all of the CAF small arm fleets. Some other customers include the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway.

Our Technical Publications Team has created publications for many different countries and is well versed in translation of diverse languages. Whether you prefer your documents printed, digitally linked PDF’s or simple Word documents, we can meet your specific requirements.

As well as manuals, our Technical Pubs team can create course-ware for Colt Canada Training Courses and Training Aids such as posters and multi-media visual displays in support of Integrated Logistic Support.

Please contact our Technical Publications team for inquiries about how we can help you with your training and publication needs.